As the owner of a premium pleasure emporium, I believe that pleasure is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, regardless of race, gender, sexual identity or orientation. Sadly, asexual individuals are all too often left out of discussions about sex and sexuality, their voices silenced and their experiences invalidated. 

As someone who identifies on the asexual spectrum, I have encountered many questions about how I can run a sex shop, educate others about pleasure, and empathize with the diverse experiences of our customers. But the truth is, asexuality is a complex and often misunderstood aspect of sexuality.

A-Z: The Lace & Tassels Glossary and Erotic Index
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A-Z: The Lace & Tassels Glossary and Erotic Index

Anus/Anal: Refers to the opening and passage of the rectum. Anal play can be a pleasurable experience for some individuals. AFAB/AMAB: Acronyms for "assigned female/male at birth", which refers to...