the lace & tassels

brand STORY


Lace & Tassels was founded in 2020 by Andrea McNeill (known publically by the pseudonym Vannpyra Wynters).

Inspired by her own eye for beautiful design, her curious and creative mind, and her passion for social good, Andrea founded Lace & Tassels to offer something different to the women of Ireland. In 2021 she expanded her offering to cater for all genders and sexualities.

Andrea herself is queer, neurodivergent and a survivor of trauma, which gives her a unique perspective on the industry and allows her to understand and cater to these often less represented segments.

Andrea doesn’t just rely on her own experiences. She regularly attends workshops, completes online courses and engages with others in the industry, as well as directly with customers, to stay informed and up to date.

She is a member of the Femtech Collective, a postgraduate of the UCD Innovation Academy, the National College of Ireland and UCC, Cork.

LACE represents the softer side of the brand - the non-intimidating offering of sensual cosmetics, wellbeing essentials & non-phallic vibes for those new to pleasure exploration and survivors of trauma who might find traditional sex shops (with their pornographic images and hyperrealistic products) triggering.

TASSELS represents the more daring and adventurous side of our brand – it caters to the more advanced pleasure seekers, the kinksters and the connoisseurs.