We focus three main principals when selecting products brands to stock in our Shop Conscious range.  While modern eco sex toys are still in their infancy, we do our best to source with these in mind. We will always strive to point out the most eco friendly aspects of each product in the range but we acknowledge we are not fully there yet and have a way to go.

1.  Environmental & Socially Responsible Manufacturing: We choose brands that are making real efforts to reduce the impact of their manufacturing and shipping on the environment.  

2.  End of Life, Preferred Materials & Recycling: Where possible, we source from brands that select sustainable materials like biolene, chrome, and glass, for their products, or that use recycled/recyclable product packaging. We partner with brands that take their output, and input, as seriously as we do. We also provide an end of life recycling service for expired products.

3.  Energy & Efficiency: Gone are the days of vibrators that require batteries. New products on the market are rechargeable and have a longer life.

sustainability initiatives we support