Play Tips: Make the Most of Anal Pleasure Month

Play Tips: Make the Most of Anal Pleasure Month

Did you know August is Anal Pleasure Month? Well if not, now you do!

This is the perfect time to give it a try and to explore the unexplored if you've not tried it before, and if you already love it, well you're in for a treat!

There are many reasons why someone might enjoy anal play, and it can be an enjoyable experience for many people. For some vulva owners, anal penetration can even feel more pleasurable than vaginal sex, and some prostate owners report experiencing multiple orgasms through anal penetration...

Of course, anal play may not be for everyone, but for those that do enjoy it or want to try it, there are a variety of different ways to explore it.

Here are some of our top tips...

  1. The wetter the better. I cannot stress this enough. The butt does not self lubricate and the anal lining is thin so more susceptible to tearing than say the vagina. We recommend a gel-like water-based lube like Anal Play Gel by Bijoux Indiscrets or Analyse by Pjur.
  2. Warm up & go slow. Whatever you do, don't just shove it in! You have to romance the ass and get it warmed up first. Try using fingers (gloved if you like) or small toys before progressing up to anything larger.
  3. Steer clear of numbing lotions and lubes. It's important to feel what's going on as discomfort and pain usually signifies something that needs your attention. You don't want to continue and find there has been a tear when the numbing effect wears off. And on that note...
  4. Pay attention to your body. If something hurts stop! Despite popular misconception, it shouldn't hurt or be uncomfortable. If it is, you might need to add more lube, or perhaps may need to change position, pace or size down if using a toy.
  5. Last but not least remember this, without a base. without a trace! Make sure any toys you insert anally have a wide flared base so they don't get sucked up into the anal sphincter leaving you red-faced on a trip to the A&E.

Here are some of our faves for Anal August and now until month end you can enjoy 15% extra off all of them. No code needed. Available until 31/08/2022 or while stocks last.

1. Satisfyer Booty Call Set of 3. Great for beginners and conoissuers alike who want variety and to explore new sensations. Available in Black and Pastel.

2. Gold Spiral Plug with Purple Jewel. Pretty and pleasurable - a great way to explore temperature play too.

3. Rocks Off Ro-Zen Plug and Ring. Perfect for penis owners who want to experience being penetrated while penetrating another!  

Have fun exploring and don't forget the lube!

Explore the full ANAL collection here.

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