Lilly Soft Nylon Fringe Whip Bijoux Indiscrets
Lilly Soft Nylon Fringe Whip Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets

Lilly Soft Nylon Fringe Whip

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The ultimate treat for daring lovers wanting to experience new sensations during play! 

Lilly is a flogger style whip of soft nylon tassels made to caress and punish for your pleasure and theirs. 

A delicate and lightweight whip, Lilly can be used for mostly creating light sensations that will wake up sensuality and cause little to no pain. 

  • 22 inches in total length with tassels falling 12 inches
  • Wrist strap for enhanced flexibility during play
  • Short but sturdy ribbon wrapped handle finished with a satin bow. 

Beautifully packaged, Lilly, like all Bijoux products, could make a great gift for someone special!


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Bijoux Indiscrets is a woman-owned and led brand of intimate wellness founded on the notion that when you feel good, you enjoy twice as much. Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas began creating their first collections back in 2006, based on evolving sexuality and focusing their efforts on female pleasure. Intimate cosmetics, pleasure toys and empowering lingerie accessories created to make the ordinary feel extraordinary.