Step into the empowering world of Lace & Tassels, an online emporium situated in the East of Ireland. Born in 2020 amidst the challenges of a pandemic, Lace & Tassels has evolved from a humble bedroom venture into a digital sanctuary for pleasure seekers.

A scantilly clad couple embrace once another with joyful expressions, while holding Womanizer Duo 2..

Lace & Tassels aspires to be more than just Ireland's preferred pleasure exploration destination; our vision extends to becoming a sustainable, purpose-driven B Corp. Passion is at the core of everything we do, prioritizing purpose over profit. We're dedicated to fostering a community that celebrates pleasure while empowering individuals. With an unwavering commitment to inclusion and a sustainable future, Lace & Tassels is not just a stop; it's an ongoing journey.

Vannpyra Wynters, Founder

With over a decade of experience managing premium brands in the fashion retail sector, our Founder, Vannpyra, embraced a transformative career shift to sextech during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. Drawing inspiration from her former side hustle as a brand ambassador for a high street adult retailer, Vannpyra's journey was fueled by her personal transformation—overcoming sexual trauma, body image, and self-esteem issues, reclaiming power through pleasure and kink.

To refine her vision, Vannpyra pursued studies at UCD's Innovation Academy and Bryony Cole's Sextech School. Guided by a focus on inclusivity, curation, and sustainability, she leads the business with a unique eye, resulting in specialized edits catering to distinct needs—edits like Conscious, Accessible, and Proud. Driven by a genuine passion for the industry, feedback from the community propels her mission to empower others through pleasure exploration. Feminism, inclusivity, an open heart and mind, and a commitment to sustainability serve as guiding principles, shaping not just a business but a thriving community where pleasure is celebrated authentically

The name Lace & Tassels holds profound significance.

Lace symbolizes the soft and approachable facets of our offerings, creating a welcoming space for those new to pleasure exploration or with a more "vanilla" palette.

On the other hand, Tassels beckon the daring, experienced pleasure seekers, connoisseurs, and kink enthusiasts.





Join us in shaping a sustainable, inclusive community at Lace & Tassels, where empowerment, community, and inclusion take precedence over profit.

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