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Lace & Tassels is Ireland's first premium pleasure emporium.

Founded in 2020, we strive to offer a warm, inviting and nonintimidating
space for all genders and sexualities to explore pleasure. We stock a consciously curated range of responsibly sourced products from recognised brands like Bijoux Indiscrets, LELO and Satisfyer, but we are also passionate about providing a platform for up and coming, lesser well known sexual wellness brands.

Our mission is to offer our customers:

- A place where they can find beautifully designed products tailored to their needs, whether they are new to exploring or connoisseurs looking to add some “spice” to their pleasure repertoire.

- An opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals who share their values around sexuality and healing through the Lace & Tassels Lounge community.

Our brand is built on a foundation of self-care, healing and wellness, so it is important to us to make sure that we offer our customers high-quality, safe products that can meet their needs as well as their budget. We know that every person's sexual needs and desires are different so we strive to offer variety. We also believe that pleasure should be accessible to all and so we strive to offer a range of products for all budgets. Our range will always be curated with sexual wellness and ethical kink in mind. We will never feature products that objectify body parts of any gender and we do not carry products with pornographic packaging.

We know that being able to explore your sexuality can be difficult when you're feeling shy or unsure where to start so we are on standby to offer discreet, non judgemental expert advice via our Concierge service. We also truly value feedback and welcome customer reviews and constructive critique via email so we can continue to learn as we go.

LACE represents the softer side of the brand - the non-intimidating offering of sensual cosmetics, wellbeing essentials & non-phallic vibes for those new to pleasure exploration and survivors of trauma who might find traditional sex shops (with their pornographic images and hyperrealistic products) triggering.

TASSELS represents the more daring and adventurous side of our brand – it caters to the more advanced pleasure seekers, the kinksters and the connoisseurs.



Andrea McNeill, who is also known by the online alias of Vannpyra Wynters, is the founder, CEO and curator of Lace & Tassels. Frustrated at the lack of ethical and premium sexual wellness offerings in Ireland, and woman-owned erotic business, she founded Lace & Tassels to address this and to invite new conversations around pleasure exploration.  This void in brands also left unmet needs for women, survivors of trauma and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Over a 16-year career, Andrea assisted in, managed and supported the growth of numerous premium retail businesses. However like many, she was laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic and this event then became the catalyst for the launch of Lace & Tassels!

Bringing together her eye for beautiful design, her curious and creative mind with her passion for social good, she founded Lace & Tassels in late 2020.

As a survivor of trauma she has been on her own healing journey, through Burlesque, Boudoir, Solo Travel, Tantric Yoga and exploration with sexual wellness products and sex toys, so she has a unique understanding of the needs of trauma survivors that other larger brands seem to lack. She is also neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ (identifying as ace-pan) given her further understanding of those communities and their needs too.

Andrea doesn’t just rely on her own experiences however. She regularly attends workshops, completes online courses and engages with others in the industry as well as with customers, to stay informed and up to date.

She is also a postgraduate of the UCD Innovation Academy and an alumni of NCI, Dublin and UCC, Cork. Connect on Linkedin.