At Lace & Tassels, we believe in the power of education when it comes to all things pleasure, health, and wellbeing. Delivering this when running the business as a one-woman show can be a challenge though. That's why we're reaching out to experts and educators to invite them to join us on this mission and to get paid to write for us.

We're looking for knowledgeable individuals who have expertise in the following areas: Kink, Sexual Health, Trauma & Therapy, Disabilities, Women's Health, Men's Health, LGBTQ+ Life, Sex Work, Online Dating & Relationships, and Body Positivity. If you have a passion for pleasure and a wealth of knowledge to share, we'd love to hear from you - even if you've never written before! And, if you have other topics you'd like to write about, we're open to hearing your ideas too!

We're looking for writers who can bring their unique perspectives and insights to our community, by creating value-adding articles that cover topics relevant to our business and the diverse needs of our community.

As a thank you for your contribution, all published writers will receive €30 per article and a 20% discount code to use on our site.


Our ideal articles will be between 500-700 words, educational and factual - not erotic stories, academia pieces, personal reflections or journal entries, and ready for publication with very minimal editing needed.

The tone should be accessible to all, engaging, and similar to the other articles on our site.

All submissions should be new and original content, not published elsewhere, and should include at least three relevant links to our products, services, or previous blog posts.

To get a feel for the kind of content we publish, check out these:

Blue Monday - How practicing self care and sexual wellness can help

The Pleasure Paradox - asexuality and its relationship to pleasure

If you're stuck for ideas but would like to write here are some topics we'd love to see covered:

  1. How sex toys can open doors to sexual pleasure and intimacy for those living with chronic pain and illness or mobility issues.
  2. Sexual Healing: Using Kink and BDSM as a Tool for Self-Discovery and Growth
  3. Sex and pleasure exploration after menopause/childbirth.
  4. How microdosing in sex toys can help with healing from trauma and assault.
  5. The Benefits of Sex Work/Pole/Burlesque: Empowerment, Autonomy, and Liberation
  6. Sex Beyond the Binary: Navigating Pleasure around diverse Gender Identities and Sexual Expressions
  7. Sexual Exploration and Aging: Embracing Pleasure at Every Stage of Life
  8. Sexual Health and Wellness: Navigating STIs and Other Concerns
  9. Exploring Fetish Communities: From Foot Worship to Latex to Leather and Beyond

If you're based in Ireland or the UK and interested in this opportunity, please send your submissions to with the subject line "ARTICLE SUBMISSION". Make sure to include your name or preferred alias, social media/website links, and a short 2-3 line personal bio. We'll be in touch if your article is selected, and payment will be processed within 30 days via PayPal. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or send us a DM on Instagram.