Burlesque Satin Bow Nipple Pasties
Burlesque Satin Bow Nipple Pasties
Burlesque Satin Bow Nipple Pasties
Burlesque Satin Bow Nipple Pasties

Bijoux Indiscrets

Burlesque Satin Bow Nipple Pasties

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Let the show begin!

The Burlesque pasties collection from Bijoux Indiscrets gives plenty of reasons to tease and reveal!

Designed to reclaim the spirit of cabaret and vaudeville theatre and the splendor and sophistication of those nights, to bring an authentic vintage touch to your seduction!

Wear these with your favorite lingerie and... Va Va Voom, you're ready to shimmy!

These pasties are reusable. The adhesive will hold the pasties securely in place through several uses. But when you notice they are losing their adhesiveness, you can renew it by following these practical tips:

  1. Gently wash the adhesive side of the pasties with mild soap and water.
  2. Let them air dry and replace the plastic protectors.
  3. Keep them in their original box, to keep them dust- and lint-free.

 The Bijoux Indiscrets Buerlesque collection is the simplest and most seductive way of turning yourself into an explosive burlesque dancer. And a sensual dance is one of the most timeless, simple and effective ways to seduce and fantasize with your lover. 

When it comes time to dance sensual, you need to keep several things in mind... First of all, some mood setting will help you to get in the right frame of mind. Make sure the lighting is right and remember that the furniture can be put to good use: chairs, door frames or columns are all great dance props.

Plus you dont need to have the figure of a ballerina, your lover will be focused on the dance, so dance. Focus on being graceful and agile in your movements, dont freeze! 

Get close, insinuate yourself, but keep at a distance so they cant touch you. Play with your eyes, making sure they never takes theirs off you.

 Hair and clothes are important props. Start out with your hair up so you can shake it loose. A sensual dance is an invitation to a unique show, and they won't want to miss it.

 Two piece set. Reusable.