May 2022 - Discover the Power of Slow Sex: New Range from Bijoux Indiscrets

May 2022 - Discover the Power of Slow Sex: New Range from Bijoux Indiscrets

Lace & Tassels, the premium Irish pleasure emporium, is proud to announce that it now stocks the full Slow Sex range from Bijoux Indiscrets. The collection is designed to help people unlearn the idea that sex is only complete with penetration and orgasm. Slow Sex encourages people to enjoy every moment of sexual intimacy, from the first kiss to the last touch, with the belief that pleasure should be ruled by no one but ourselves.

According to Elsa Viegas, the co-founder of Bijoux Indiscrets, many sexual acts have been labeled as "foreplay" and are seen as incomplete practices that don't fall under the definition of sex. Slow Sex was developed to take away the pressure felt by so many men and women that all their sexual encounters should end in penetration and orgasm.

The Slow Sex range comprises 11 cosmetics, including massage gels, lubricants, enhancers, and hydrating oils that aim to make legs shake in 11 different sexual acts. The collection encourages experimentation and getting to know each other, taking the time to enjoy ourselves and have better sex.

The manifesto of the Slow Sex range is reflected in the brand's values, which seek to change behavior and the way we think about sex. The collection is packaged in recyclable materials, including glass, paper, and aluminum, and is gender-neutral to make it as inclusive as possible. 

Lace & Tassels founder and curator, Vannpyra, invites everyone to join the sex revolution with Slow Sex. She believes that this collection represents a new way of understanding our sexuality, achieving pleasure, and enjoying sex.

For more information or to request samples, please email with "Press Request" in the subject line.