Soft Sponge Tampons Joy Division
Soft Sponge Tampons Joy Division

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Soft Sponge Tampons

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The Original JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons are – as their name suggests – wonderfully soft and, on top of that, especially kind to the skin. 


What are Soft-Tampons? In principle, they are a small pink menstrual sponges made of ultra-soft foam, usually shaped like a heart. The organic shape fits gently into the sensitive female anatomy and makes the Soft-Tampon application comfortable and intuitive. The indicated heart shape slims the period sponge at the tip for easy insertion. The two wings pulled down form a trough on the underside. There you put your finger on when you push the tampon to its place.


Removing tampons without a string is also very easy: There is an integrated grip tab, which you can grip with just one finger, in order to remove the Soft-Tampon. If you prefer, you can also pull out the menstrual sponge with your index finger and thumb by pulling down one of the two wings.


The foam tampons are made of environmentally friendly material that deliberately avoids chemical additives that do not belong in intimate hygiene. Internal irritations are practically non-existent with Soft-Tampons - confirmed by their passing the Oeko-Tex standard. However application may be made easier by slightly dampening your sponge or using a light amount of lubricant for insertion.

  • Latex free
  • Condom safe.
  • 3 pack, normal flow.

Directions: Change every 4 to 6 hours, after swimming or intercourse without condoms.