Advice for the CURIOUS.... A beginners guide to sex toys!

Advice for the CURIOUS.... A beginners guide to sex toys!

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So you're new to exploring? We all were once! It's great that you're here and curious to know more. If you need some additional support, guidance or direction in exploring your erotic or sensual self then you've definitely come to the right place.



With over 5 years experience as an ambassador for erotic brands, Vannpyra has a wealth of knowledge to share with you! While she doesn't yet know it all, yet, she is constantly picking up new and exciting products, tips and tricks to share with you, as well as educating herself on the barriers some fo us may experience when it comes to self love and sex. A survivor of CSA, she has made it her life's mission to support other survivors to learn to love, heal, and embrace their own pleasure!

Anyone can book a 121 concierge / consulting appointment with her, if you would benefit from a more tailored, personalised approach. But, if you're not ready for that yet or just would rather crack on and do your own thing, then this mini beginners guide will hopefully help you get started on the path to pleasure enlightenment! 




First things to consider:

  • Materials:
    • Do you prefer soft or hard materials? Most silicones are soft, smooth and flexible so they bend comfortably to your body's unique contours. If you prefer something more rigid, then perhaps glass or metal might be a better fit for you. Most important of all, the material you choose should always be verified as body safe. The horror stories are true, and some people can have nasty reactions to toys made from toxic materials! That's why we always lean towards products made from known body safe materials from reputable brand names! 
  • Lube:
    • Whether you think you need one or not we would always recommend picking some up with a new toy. Always! Not only to reduce the chances of discomfort or irritation when using it but because using lubricant can take your pleasure to soaring new heights! A water based lube, like System Jo H2O, is always a fail proof option as it's compatible with all toys but you aren't short on options. Check out the Apothecary if you'd like to explore more!
  • Personal preferences:
    • It's never one size fits all. Each of us are individuals and therefore our choices will be too! Along with material preferences, it is worth considering size desires or limitations, functionality needs (what do you want your new toy to perform for you?) and are there are special features that are an absolute must (eg a whisper quiet motor). All of these things can help guide you in your decision making process but we are always here to help if further support is needed. 
  • Storage & hygiene:
    • Last but not least, aftercare should not be an after thought! You're no doubt investing in something special that you want to make the most from, and to do that we would not only recommend but insist you purchase a compatible cleaner like our Refresh Foaming Cleaner. A foaming cleaner is suitable for all toys and will get into the pores, nooks and crannies of your new toy to ensure a thorough clean after use so that no nasty bacteria can thrive and flourish. Most of the products we sell come with a satin or cotton storage pouch for your toy and we would recommend you use that too, when the toy is not in use. However, if you like a little more privacy, we have a great little lockable toy bag too. 


Top 5 recommendations:

For external stimulation, all bodies


1. The White Temptation Lay On/All Over Body Massager by Satisfyer


For internal use, vagina owners


2. Racy - a petite G Spot Massager that doubles as a bullet, from Pillow Talk. Ideal for beginners or those concerned about uncomfortable penetration (please reach out to us if you suffer from a condition like vaginismus for advice).


3. The Myth Vibrator by Vush - a G Spot Massager that can be used for external stimulation too. Ideal if you prefer something a little bit more voluptuous.

For internal use, prostate owners

4. All of our prostate massagers are currently out of stock, please check back here for an update later.
For anal exploration, all bodies


5. Booty Call Plugs by Satisfyer, also available in black.



 All words, Vannpyra Wynters. 2021.


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